Our Practice

Peters Brovner represents companies and individuals facing significant investigatory threats, including clients that need to determine the scope of their exposure and those who already require representation before government regulators.

We help clients assess risks, conduct thorough, efficient and confidential internal investigations that enable clients to determine whether wrongdoing has occurred and determine what next steps are needed.

We also advise clients on how to proactively address probes to mitigate reputational, brand and litigation risk.

Peters Brovner represents individuals and companies in all types of regulatory investigations and prosecutions.

We work quickly to master the facts, establish a channel of communication with the government and develop an action plan so that the client can minimize the operational and reputational issues that can accompany an enforcement inquiry.

Given our extensive experience as prosecutors, our first focus is always on case assessment, with an eye toward convincing prosecutors that the circumstances, or our client’s role in the events, may not warrant the stigma of criminal indictment or a prolonged investigation.

White-collar and regulatory investigations present complex and sophisticated issues. As a result, we frequently work with forensic accountants, investigators, public relations consultants and other professionals to understand and address key concepts. We also recognize that an investigation often spills over into other aspects of the client’s personal and business affairs and work with clients to minimize the harm in these areas as well.

Finally, when an investigation culminates in liability for a client, we work diligently to persuade the investigating authorities that the sanction should be just and reasonable.

Whether aimed at your business or you as an individual, litigation can have a dramatic impact as it consumes time, effort and money. Peters Brovner has a wealth of experience from their time serving in senior-level government enforcement roles in getting to the heart of a dispute and crafting a negotiating strategy that can resolve core issues before they go to trial.

Mark and Lesley can represent plaintiffs and defendants including individuals, partnerships, shareholders and corporations in all aspects of litigation before federal and state administrative agencies and trial courts  including pre-trial analysis, court filings, discovery, alternative dispute resolution, and if necessary trial. In addition to defending and reacting to government actions they also bring affirmative lawsuits.

Working closely with clients to evaluate their potential claims or defenses related to the commercial, professional, employment and personal disputes, Lesley and Mark help clients prepare their cases and counsel them on steps and procedures involved.  As skilled civil litigation attorneys, they help clients leverage their negotiating position to reach a beneficial settlement, which is often the most expedient and cost effective way to resolve disputes.

When a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, Mark and Lesley will pursue a case in the courts and collaborate with experts, including investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts and other relevant professionals in order to achieve a successful outcome.

We handle internal investigations that often begin in “crisis management” mode, can become the subject of intense public scrutiny and can involve a variety of areas, such as regulatory compliance, fraud, corporate governance and criminal misconduct.

We conduct investigations in a manner that both meets our clients’ objectives and is efficient and cost-effective. As a small firm, we can investigate allegations quickly, discreetly and with minimum disruption, and report our findings in a rigorous and reliable manner.

Both Lesley and Mark are seasoned litigators who routinely handle complex matters in federal and state trial and appellate courts.

We have the litigation, public policy and communications skills to manage our clients’ crises on multiple fronts. We draw on our broad experience and knowledge in conducting investigations, responding to government regulators and investigations, preparing witnesses, managing litigation, working with the media, designing compliance programs and formulating public policy. Our focus is on solving the immediate crisis, working with the client to correct the problem and furthering the client’s long-term objectives in an integrated and efficient way that minimizes future financial, legal and reputational harm.

In an era of uncertainty in the political landscape, our clients can depend on us to help mitigate risk and provide them with legal guidance in managing their campaigns and advocacy efforts so they are prepared for the future.

We provide sophisticated legal counsel on campaign finance, government ethics and election issues. Our advice and advocacy for clients includes political campaigns on the state and local levels. Whether assisting in the creation of new political strategies, integrating a full-service legal and regulatory compliance plan or representing a client in legal proceedings, we devise effective and tactical solutions that go beyond the immediate issue to help our clients remain well-positioned for success.