New York Crisis Management Lawyers

Peters Brovner is a boutique law firm that represents plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases, including those who face significant investigatory and public relations threats.  The crisis management lawyers at the firm have extensive experience managing challenging situations and protecting our clients’ legal and reputational interests.

We have the litigation, public policy and communications skills to manage our clients’ crises on multiple fronts. We draw on our broad experience and knowledge in conducting investigations, responding to government regulators and investigations, preparing witnesses, managing litigation, working with the media, designing compliance programs and formulating public policy. Our focus is on solving the immediate crisis, working with the client to correct the problem and furthering the client’s long-term objectives in an integrated and efficient way that minimizes future financial, legal and reputational harm.

What is Crisis Management?

Crisis management involves the intersection of law and communications.  When government regulators or private civil litigants accuse an individual or entity of misconduct, it can be necessary to not only devise a legal strategy for defending the individual/entity in court, but also a public relations strategy to protect that individual/entity’s reputation more generally. The crisis management lawyers at Peters Brovner have decades of experience not only in tough litigation but also in dealing with the media and public opinion more generally.  As such, the firm devises strategies that not only protect a client’s legal interests but also protect the client’s reputational interests as well.

When to Hire a Crisis Management Lawyer

Individuals and organizations who can benefit from hiring crisis management attorneys, including for profit or non-profit entities:

  • Facing governmental investigations
  • In need of internal investigations to determine the scope of their liability
  • Confronted with a public scandal as the result of an investigation, whistleblower, media story or other.
  • Facing other types of high stakes corporate crisis

The Crisis management attorneys at Peters Brovner can help with:

  • Internal investigations to determine scope of civil and criminal liability.
  • Legal Representation (this includes but is not limited to representation: before government entities; dealing with whistleblower complaints and affirmative representation in lawsuits against people trying to harm the company/individual).
  • Management of press response.
  • Drafting a forward-looking compliance plan.

Our Crisis Management Services in New York

We work with a team of public relations and media specialists to craft proactive and reactive measures to develop and implement a coherent legal and communications strategies, including:

  • Brand and message development
  • Managing messaging through social media
  • Responding to media inquiries

Our crisis management team works to both address the legal risk to the client and to develop, rebuild and protect the client’s public image.

Speak with an Experienced NYC Crisis Management Lawyer

The crisis management attorneys at the law offices of Peters Brovner help individuals and organizations manage challenging high-profile legal and reputational issues.  The firm works to ensure that the legal and reputational strategies are in sync. If you or someone you know needs legal advice, please contact the lawyers at Peters Brovner LLP for a free consultation.