Representative Experience

Since its founding, Peters Brovner has:

  • Represented several individuals and entities accused of regulatory, health care and other misconduct. We have obtained positive results for our clients from these investigations while also helping to manage the reputational risk that comes with such investigations.  Where appropriate, we have conducted internal investigations to help defend clients and demonstrate that no wrongdoing occurred.
  • Represented several institutions not under investigation that needed counsel on whether certain ongoing operations were likely to trigger investigations and how best to mitigate the risk any such operations might entail.
  • Drawing on their years as courtroom litigators, Mark and Lesley serve as co-counsel on a landmark lawsuit challenging certain City zoning regulations.

Prior to founding Peters Brovner, Mark and Lesley ran the City’s Department of Investigation, where they supervised hundreds of complex criminal and civil investigations that lead to thousands of prosecutions and millions of dollars in civil recoveries. Some of the most significant cases include:

  • An investigation into the New York City Police Department (NYPD) that demonstrated that the NYPD was failing to properly investigate allegations of sexual assault.
  • An investigation into the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) that showed that NYCHA was not properly inspecting apartments for lead paint hazards;
  • Multiple investigations into non-profits that revealed that those non-profits were misusing City funds.

Prior to joining the City’s Investigation Department, Mark was a partner at an international law firm where he represented banks and insurance companies who were being investigated by federal and local regulators.

Prior to joining the City’s Investigation Department Lesley served as the Chief Compliance Officer at the New York Liquidation Bureau, a part of the State Department of Financial Services.

Lesley and Mark spent many years at the New York Attorney General’s Office doing both criminal and civil work. Their cases included:

  • Some of the earliest challenges to the legality of sub-prime lending tactics
  • Criminal prosecution of senior officials at an entity misusing federal welfare funds for political purposes
  • School procurement fraud
  • Social security fraud